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The matches that some of this week's questions are based on have already kicked off, so to keep things fair your answers for those questions will be randomly picked by our resident Chimp.

You will be able to make your own selections for any questions where the match or matches involved have not yet kicked off.

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Million Dollar Bills

1. (125 pts) Pick an outcome to happened when Man City play Everton at The Etihad?

Changes allowed until Mon, 21st Aug 2017, 20:00 BST

I Conte Believe It

2. (135 pts) What will be the result when Spurs play Chelsea at Wembley?

3. (105 pts) Pick an outcome to happen when Spurs play Chelsea at Wembley?

Sunday Scorer

4. (105 pts) Pick a player to score in Sunday's matches?

Arsene Wengoals

5. (115 pts) Pick an outcome to happen when Stoke play Arsenal at The Britannia?

Early Thrills

6. (100 pts) Opening day, matches involving Arsenal and Liverpool produced 13 goals, how many goals will Arsenal and Liverpool score and concede between them this week?

Stoke v Arsenal
Liverpool v Palace

3 or More Goals

7. (105 pts) Pick one of these matches to have 3 or more goals?

That's Mour Like It

8. (120 pts) Pick an outcome to happen when Swansea play Man United at The Liberty Stadium?

Early and Total

9. (90 pts) How many early goals (first 15 mins) will be scored and what will be the total number of goals scored in the 10 matches this week?