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Araz Heydariyehzadeh

arazis Chief writer and editor here at PLP (so you can blame me if you disagree with anything). Football is my passion, the beautiful game and the king of sports. I have written, pod casted and worked for numerous well known football websites, analysing the stats, drooling over form and making predictions based on what I think I know.

Jim Walker

Jimbuk2 Jim has worked in publishing for over 10 years and is responsible for numerous print and digital titles as editor, publisher, journalist and director. More importantly he's Watford fan who dreams of Italian revolutions and Premier League football. His favourite football phrases always begin with "as a footballer..." we're not sure when he was a footballer, but he certainly knows his football.

Amrit Nagi

amb A founding member of PLP and one of only a handful of payers to win the PLP Legend Award. As a Liverpool supporter he's used to hitting the posts and that is exactly what he does on our blog when he's not busy making other crucial contributions.

Matt Styrka

Thestirks Matt has worked on a number of well known print magazines as a publisher and journalist. He has an Everton tattoo and a Wycombe Wanderers shirt, neither of which can be removed from his body without substantial damage being caused. He has played the role of football manager (only on the PC!) often enough to appear as an expert on the game.

Gags Tandon

gags A football stats master of the highest order. Gag's is the owner and editor of the outstanding stats website and a regular contributor to all here at PLP. He is a Liverpool man, and one that still has faith Lucas is an exceptional player.

Matt Jackson

Saint Despite being a Southampton supporter, Matt is a Premier League specialist. He currently works for multiple well known football sites as a journalist, podcaster, technical genius and general cynic. He loves the 4-4-2 and yearns for the old days when he was....less old, and could kick a ball himself.

James Ellaby

jamesellaby1980 James has spent 7 years of his life writing about football for a couple of websites and enjoyed it all, part from doing live coverage of the 2005 Champions League Final, because he's a Man United fan. His favourite thing about football is translated quotes from foreign footballers that always start with them repeating a bit of the question. That and Lee Sharpe's hat-trick against Arsenal in the Rumbelows Cup.