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So you've landed here and you're wondering what it's all about...

Premier League Predictions is a unique weekly prediction game based on the Premier League. It's easy to play and fun to win. Test your football predicting powers against your friends and the world by registering today!

Can you get playing quicker than Ronaldo can run 100 yards?

We don't ask you loads of questions when you register. In fact, all we ask for is your username and email address, so you can get playing in 10 seconds flat.

All you have to do is click the "Register" link in the top right hand corner of the homepage and you could be on your way to our hall of fame, football knowledge glory, and loads of prizes.

When can I enter?

Games are usually open to enter between Thursday and Saturday every week. The games then run and are scores are updated daily until that week's Premier League matches have been concluded.

If you register between Sunday and Wednesday when the current week's game is running you'll no longer be able to enter that week's game. But please do register no matter what. We'll then send you a quick reminder by email to let you know when the next game is ready for you to enter.

What's the point in playing?

Other than proving your supreme football predicting powers to your friends and the world, the game is free to play and a fun way to test your knowledge or kill a few minutes at work once a week.

We'll also provide you with all the latest juicy stats and previews on Premier League matches, as well as a load of stats and awards for your own performances in Premier League Predictions.

What can you win?

There is an awesome football themed prize for the overall season winner. There are also individual monthly league tables with prizes for the winner of each monthly game.

How does it work?

Every week there are 10-12 Premier League questions, with points awarded for correctly predicting each answer. The person with the most points each week wins the weekly game. Your best scores also count towards your position on the monthly and season league tables. For more on scoring, check out the scoring page.

What if I miss a week, or 10?

We have a unique scoring system at Premier League Predictions that awards points if you're close to the answer but not quite right and that means that you can miss up to half of all the weekly games during the season and still have a good chance of winning the monthly and season leagues. For more on scoring, check out the scoring page.