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Updated - Transfer Truth: On Ronaldo to Manchester United

Posted on Jun 26th, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

Two weeks ago today we rubbished the possibility of Ronaldo making a fairy tale return to Old Trafford when we looked in detail at what truth lay behind the transfer rumours.

Ronaldo: Transfer Truth: 10%
We're reducing our truth rating slightly to 10%, but there have been some recent developments, and tasty quotes from the forever chirpy Real Madrid President Florentino Perez when he spoke to 20minutos. Whilst attempting to imply in no uncertain terms that Ronaldo is going nowhere, he might have actually gone so far as to over egg the cake and raise suspicions about the situation. Sort of like silently farting in a lift and then spontaneously starting to sing the national anthem as the last gasps of foul smell rise to nose level. There may be suspicions about your sudden surge of patriotism:

He's (Ronaldo) our most important asset, and we will build the future of Madrid around him. Soon we will clarify this issue. I have no doubt that Cristiano is going to retire at Real Madrid. I'm convinced that he'll renew. The renewals are done before the season starts.

Whilst everything Perez says should be taken with a hefty pinch of sensational salt, he is also a man who will move mountains to avoid losing face. Having made so many comments on Ronaldo that we reported in our initial story of a potential move to Manchester United and now continuing with this, it seems almost certain that Ronaldo will be staying put at Real Madrid.

Contract Concerns
The only whimper of life left in these reignited rumours is that Ronaldo is yet to sign an extension to the 2 years he has left on his contract at Real but given that the players are only just starting to make their way back to pre-season training it should only be a matter of time before a massive contract extension is announced for Ronaldo.

There are one or two other minor issues that remain, firstly the fact that Perez is known for making wild claims about all sorts of things and his resolve has a history of suddenly shifting from one thing to the next, some sources believe the excessive love and bravado being shown toward Ronaldo are desperate attempts to win the heart of a star who has lingering lust for his former employers.

With Carlo Ancelotti having only just been announced as new Real Madrid manager there is also the teeniest possibility that Ronaldo will simply decide he doesn't like the shape of his new manager's beard (yes we know he doesn't have a beard!) or that Ancelotti will decide there is another player somewhere on earth who is better than Ronaldo and will decide to shift the player, but that would require Ancelotti to be certifiably insane, and then change his name to "the man who sold Ronaldo and got sacked a week after being employed" by deed poll.

The Rooney Factor
Some reports have also surfaced recently which suggest that United are looking to off load Rooney to Real Madrid whilst we have already reported twice on that story, on both occasions stating that there was little to no hard evidence suggesting that the move was a possibility, new stories have emerged implying the new Real Madrid boss loves Rooney so much that he is willing to sacrifice Ronaldo in a bizarre swap deal that would see the Englishman and a huge sack of cash laid at his door in exchange for for Ronaldo going the other way and that this might some how fund the signature of Gareth Bale for Real Madrid in a crazy Ronaldo + £20m = Rooney + Bale formula that would be a world wide sensation.

We could only find a handful of scandalous, half-news papers whose main quoted source was actually themselves (no really, they quoted their own reporter, the same one who had written the story!) so as fantastical as it sounds there is zero evidence to suggest it is anything but a work of fantasy football fiction.

Likeliness of Signing: 10%
Fit at Club: 90%

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