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Transfer Truth: The Truth on Ruddy to Chelsea

Posted on Jul 2nd, 2013 by Matt Jackson

With Chelsea having recently decided to release Ross Turnbull and Henrique Hilario their only other back up goal keeper, current Belgian number one Thibaut Courtois, has been granted a third season on loan at Athletico Madrid so the Blues must be in the hunt for a young understudy to Cech.

Ruddy: Transfer Truth: 20%
John Ruddy has been mentioned recently as the man Chelsea might be chasing as backup to Cech. The story plays out like this; Chelsea apparently made an initial £5m bid for Ruddy which was turned down. The Blues were then asked to come back with double that amount if they want their man.

The story of the initial bid can be chased back through the new papers to a report in The Sun, which contains no hard evidence, not even the obligatory made up quote from a "club insider" so we do not believe any initial bid has been made and nor do we accept that Chelsea were told they could have him if they cam back with a £10m offer.

Chris Hughton has recently spoken out on the transfer to state:

We see very much John’s future here and we look forward to him being here. John would be no different to any player we have here. Any interest in any of our players is just a mark and a testament to how well those individuals have done. We start back training on Thursday. John is very much part of our plans and will be here. Then we go away to Austria next week and of course John is very much part of that.

Hughton did not allow himself to get dragged in to talk about whether or not a bid had actually been received but the comment does come across as a little weak, perhaps betraying the position Norwich find themselves in. If a massive offer comes in Norwich will have little choice but to sell. Something Norwich striker Grant Holt was more forthright about when interviewed by EDP24:

The club will be desperate to keep him, we all want him to stay - we have a fantastic number one and number two as well in Mark Bunn, so the club is in a great position...If someone offers silly money then in one way we are established but in another way they can’t really afford to turn down too much money.

Chelsea Logic
John Ruddy had an outstanding season at Norwich last term breaking in to the England team at one stage, and at 26 he probably has around 10 goal keeping years left in his career. A move to Chelsea could mean he spends 4 of those on the bench but who knows, one day he might get his chance, he would certainly make an excellent number two at any club, if he is willing to sit on the bench and say good bye to any chance he might have of retaining a spot in England's World Cup squad in Brazil next year.

The other logic which makes a lot of sense is the fact that Premier League rules state that 8 of any teams 25 man squads must be home grown players. Ruddy would qualify as one and would boost Chelsea in that department.

Our Truth-o-meter
There is virtually no solid evidence to suggest that Chelsea have made any kind of bid for Ruddy, nor would it be sensible for him to go to a club where he might spend 5 years on the bench with a decent chance he'll never break the first team.

On the other hand Chelsea are definitely in the market for goal keeping cover having released their 2 stand by keepers and allowed Courtois to go out on loan again. If anyone can convince Ruddy to come and warm the bench Mourinho would be the man. Ruddy is an excellent young goal keeper so we're giving this one a speculative 20% truth rating based on nothing more than half sensible logic and the fact that Norwich may not have the resources to fend of a suitably large bid.

Likeliness of Signing: 15%
Fit at Club: 80%

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