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Transfer Truth: The Truth on Modric to Manchester United

Posted on Jul 31st, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

With Manchester United's pursuit of Fabregas seemingly having hit a dead end, the latest speculation has been about who they will sign instead. Step forward Luka Modirc of Real Madrid, to the world of transfer window speculation.

Transfer Truth: 25%
Our research has turned up little in the way of a solid link to Manchester United. Most of what is out there right now has been written by publications who can't bring themselves to write a 248th article on Fabregas so the logical leap has been made to Luka.

The Logic
This is one of those transfers that only has transfer window semi-logic to fall back on, but there is plenty of that to sink our teeth in to. The first thing floating the rumour boats is that at Christmas last year, having been in Spain only 6 months, Modric was voted as the worst La Liga signing of the season, just ahead of Alex Song.

It's fair to say that he has struggled to look like a brand Real player at times and his performances at that stage paled in to insignificance when compared to the astonishing 4 years he had at Tottenham.

It would also be unfair to ignore the fact that he started to hit his stride during the second half of the season and by the time he scored against Manchester United in the latter stages of the Champions League he had started to win the Madrid supporters over, even if he is still far from establishing a regular first team place.

The lack of first team authority and half a bad season appear to be all that is required for the press to speculate that he will give up and return to England with his tail between his legs just 1 year after arriving in Spain. Especially as the arrival of another £30m+ plus midfield player in the Real team will further impact Modric's chances.

This might be a half reasonable assumption to make but comments made recently by Modric himself do suggest that he wants to stay and fight for Real:

If I can choose, I want to win the Champions League, but the league is also important for us and I would like to win both titles, It's a long season and we have to prepare well. We want to start well in both competitions.

Whilst this comment is obviously sanitised for it's appearance on the official club website it does not appear to disguise the concerns of a man with a transfer on his mind.

This story is being lead by our old friend transfer window semi-logic. Whilst there is sense in the notion that United might be seeking quality alternatives to the stalled Fabregas bid the leap to Luka is far more presumptuous than fact.

Modric's first season in Spain was a shadow of what he produced at Spurs so it is being assumed that he may be seeking a move back to England but again there is no fact to back this up or link him to United who might be better suited in pursuing Fellaini in any case.

Likeliness of Signing: 20%
Fit at Club: 75%

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