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Transfer Truth: The Truth on Luiz to Barcelona or Bayern

Posted on Jul 31st, 2013 by Matt Jackson

For reasons that remain beyond our grasp David Luiz continues to be linked with a move away from Chelsea. After a link to PSG was largely extinguished, Barcelona and Bayern remain as the likely lads who continue to be mentioned alongside the Brazilian's name.

Luiz: Transfer Truth: 10%
Chelsea's position on Luiz may have been a little precarious at some stages last season when he was galavanting forwards and leaving the defence exposed but ever since the Confederations Cup and the arrival of Mourinho at Stamford Bridge, appreciation of Luiz's qualities have risen significantly.

Mourinho has been asked about Luiz on more than one occasion, and having previously refuted the possibility of a move by saying there was "no way" it could happen he has now gone another step further to assure the press that he has no desire to sell Luiz. When asked about it again during the clubs tour of Asia he said:

The potential is incredible, amazing. He always has to play. For me he is a central defender

It's rare for Mourinho to show such direct admiration for a single player, and even this little nod should be taken as high praise from the special one. There are also so longer comments reported in The Metro in which Mourinho analyses Luiz's game in a way which should be enough to convince supporters of the potential he sees in the player. These indicate that Luiz is a project that the Chelsea manager will relish working on.

There is only loose conjecture to suggest that either Bayern on Barcelona are actually preparing a bid for Luiz and with Mourinho seemingly showing his admiration for the player, and determined not to sell him we think it's highly unlikely that Luiz will be making a move this summer. Especially when you consider the fact that Chelsea paid £21m for him not so long ago, and he signed a 5 year contract extension in September last year.

It would appear that unless something drastic has changed and Luiz suddenly does not want to work with a manager who clearly rates him highly. Or that he has decided against staying at a club that has grown to love him, then there is little to no chance of Luiz moving this summer unless an astronomical bid was made. For this reason we are giving this transfer a truth rating of just 10% and only a 10% chance that he is actually going to leave Chelsea, for anyone!

Likeliness Leaving Chelsea: 10%
Fit at Club: 75%

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