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Transfer Truth: The Truth On Latest Bale to Real Madrid News

Posted on Jul 29th, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

Last week's barrage of story lines claiming explicitly and falsely that Bale had agreed a 6 year deal with Real Madrid was truly shameful, but now new stories have emerged insisting that Bale is furious that Tottenham will not allow him to leave.

Bale: Transfer Truth: 35%
In our last report on this story we named some of the news sources that falsely reported Gareth Bale had agreed terms with Real Madrid, all of those proved to be false. Today's hot topic is about how Bale is now demanding a move away.

A vast majority of these stories appear to be derived from two vaguely relatable pieces of information. Firstly when Villas-Boas was asked, for maybe the 100th time in a month about Bale's possible move to Real his often repeated, and tired sounding comments about how Bale was not for sale appeared to have been slightly tweaked in tone. Although he initially continued his defence, when asked about the move and Real's conduct he responded:

I don't want to comment on anything like that. I cannot speak about anything

We think these might just be the words of a man who has had enough of the same old question to which he has already supplied a hundred identical sounding refutes, but instead the assumption has been made that something is now in progress which AVB is keeping quiet.

The second nugget of half truth driving this story is the fact that during a a press briefing given to the Madrid media it was confirmed that even though no written enquiry was made, Real Madrid would be willing to verbally commit to the notion that they would be willing to pay around £80m for Bale. Again this is hardly breaking news, we've known this for months now, but suddenly a few scant words in a press conference have made this headline news again.

The Real Dream
The BBC have also dug up some old comments made by Bale's agent back in May that Bale would be honoured to hear from Real Madrid, this comment did drive the initial stories but has now been crafted in to the suggestion that Real Madrid have always been the club Bale has dreamed of playing for.

From this numerous other publications have jumped to the suggestion that Bale's camp have actually told Spurs that they want to be given permission to speak with Real and that Bale is now in a state of shock and disbelief that Daniel Levy is denying him this opportunity.

Being cynical as we are, we don't believe a word of it. There is nothing solid to back up any notion that Bale wants to leave. Give the fact that these rumours have been circulating for over a month it's almost impossible to believe that Bale would suddenly find himself in such a distraught state over the matter. That would be like you finding yourself shocked all of a sudden by the news that Sir Alex has retired.

There may have been some muttering from a Real Madrid press conference that Real want Bale, but this is hardly anything new to cling on to. We have known this for months. There is also the slight change in tone to AVB's comments on the matter on Saturday, but again we think these are the words of a man fed up with being asked the same question endlessly by reporters, in his position we might have let a few punches fly rather than simply abstaining.

We are going to bump this up a little bit further though (from 25% to 35%), on the basis that there is a remote chance that Real are starting to succeed in their shameless PR lead tapping up of Gareth Bale, and their track record for having repeatedly achieved such feats in the past. Having also now put an apparent figure on their ambitions does make them a little more serious then their previous pie in the sky status

Likeliness of Signing: 30%
Fit at Club: 90%

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