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Transfer Truth: The Truth on Fabregas to Manchester United

Posted on Jun 12th, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

Fabregas' return to the Premier League has been doing the rounds over the past few days but is there any actual truth to the whispers?

Fabregas: Truth: 15%
This transfer story appears to have been spun largely from the notion that Fabregas' dream move to Barcelona lies in tatters, and has only resulted in him appearing irregularly and being used largely as an oversized bench warmer. The reality though is that Fabregas started 30 of Barcelona's 38 league games this season, scoring 11 times and creating 14 assists.

It is worth noting that he was completed 90 minutes on only half of those occasions so there is some minor truth the notion that he's not yet a rock solid 90 minute man, but in our opinion this means little. Fabregas (26) was brought in to be an eventual, long term successor to the likes of Iniesta (29) and Xavi (33), and in that regard, having made so many starts in the team puts him ahead of schedule, and his contribution of a goal for every 92 minutes of game time last season puts him up there with the likes of Falcao, Neymar, Van Persie and Suarez in terms of his attacking usefulness to the team.

The other source for this stream of speculation appears to have come from United legend Dennis Irwin. A vast majority of the half reputable publications that have reported this rumour appear to have done so by wrapping it around a quote from Irwin on June 9th, writing in a publication called Sunday World (for which he is a columnist) said:

Cesc Fabregas has zoomed up Manchester United's transfer target list to the top position and the champions are going to move heaven and earth to get him. The Barcelona star wants out of the Nou Camp and United want him badly, so the deal should be done easily enough. Fabregas is just the sort of all-action midfield player United need if they are to make a run at next season's Champions League.

We have found several issues with this quote which discredit it. Firstly, Irwin holds no formal position at Manchester United. He is currently reported to be no more than a pundit for MUTV. In addition to this it is believed that Arsenal currently have the option of a first refusal should Fabregas want to leave the Nou Camp, which would present United with another monumental barrier to getting their man.

But what almost completely blows Irwin's statement, and in turn all the stories that speculative sources have spun around it, is the fact that this quote was released by Fabregas himself on June 11th:

I’m very happy, it's taken a lot to get where I am and I don't plan on throwing that away for anything. The truth is that if I didn't feel that I was wanted it would be different, but I haven't been told anything. I'm very happy, the truth is that I want to triumph with Barcelona."

If that alone is not case closed on the whole fabricated affair, the Barcelona Vice-President then went even further to put the nails in the coffin of Irwin's optimistic assumptions:

Cesc will only leave the club if he himself wants to move on.

Whilst that last quote is far from a hands-off warning to their rivals, it does imply that Barcelona want Fabregas almost as much as he wants them, and if you can derive fact from quotes, that should be the end of that story.

Much as we'd like to see Cesc back in the Premier League, and agree he would make an outstanding signing for Manchester United or Arsenal, or in fact any club, anywhere in the world that plays with at least one Central Midfielder, the hard facts of the moment suggest this is incredibly unlikely.

Even if a glimmer hope can be derived from Fabregas being a shade non-committal in his statement by saying he'll stay if he's wanted, and the Barcelona brass reciprocating the comment by stating he's welcome to stay for as long as he wants instead making all out vows that the lovers are in fact very much in love.

Likeliness of Signing: 15%
Fit at Club: 85%

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