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Transfer Truth: The Truth on Cesar to Arsenal Developments

Posted on Jul 26th, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

The possibility of Julio Cesar moving to Arsenal is looked almost set in stone around a month ago before Napoli became front runners and Arsenal appeared to step down. With Napoli having withdrawn from the deal is the move to Arsenal back on?

Cesar: Transfer Truth: 95%
When we previously reported this story we provided a solid and sensible quote from Harry Redknapp which stated that Cesar would definitely be moving on so we do know a transfer is on the cards with the only unsettled matter being his possible destination.

A move to Napoli looked set but Cesar's agent has confirmed that the move has, or is close to collapsing over the 33 year olds reported £90k a week wages, with Rafel Benitez looking at other goal keeping options including bringing in Pepe Reina on loan. In an interview reported in The Express Cesar's agent said:

In Italy recently I have only spoken to Napoli. President Aurelio De Laurentiis wanted him but didn’t want to pay Julio’s current wages. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and after a great Confederations Cup performance he showed his desire to come back to Italy by demanding nothing more.

So from this we know Napoli were in advanced talks. We're not completely writing them out of the race just yet, though it would seem that if Cesar dropped his wage demands a little it could potentially reignite the deal.

Where Arsenal come In
It appears that the fresh links are purely working on an assumption that as Napoli are out, Arsenal must be back in. This is jumping the gun a little. Whilst Cesar has previously stated that staying in London might be an attractive option, and with Arsenal in need of an extra keeper the deal appeared to make sense.

The big issue is that if the Napoli deal fell apart over high wages, we can't see how this would make Arsenal an automatic second choice given their wage structure. Can anyone really see Wenger paying Cesar Walcott money to potentially come and sit on the bench?

Something has to give, either Cesar must lower his demands or Arsenal be willing to pay big money to a player that might not be a guaranteed first choice.

Cesar's agent has also said:

Arsenal remain a concrete option.

Whilst quite a few of the more speculative sources have taken this to suggest Arsenal will now step in, what it actually means is anyone's guess. We would estimate that Arsenal may have enquired about the player, and with no fee to speak of, put forward some form of terms to the player. The likeliness is that their offer was not at the level Cesar required and that his first choice was a move back to Italy.

With the Italy move now scuppered an offer from Arsenal which might not have been perfect, but still better than what Napoli ended up offering could well swing things, but this is all conjecture. You can make your own mind up as to what "a concrete" option actually means, but on face value it would imply that some form of offer had been made.

With Napoli likely, but not certainly out of the race to sign Cesar his agents comments do imply that he does have some form of offer from Arsenal which may be acceptable but also that they are not closing the book on his next destination just yet.

With Napoli seemingly unwilling to pay Cesar's wages this does increase the chance of a move to Arsenal, but almost by default more than design so we're increasing the chances of a move to Arsenal up to 45% at a push.

Likeliness of Signing: 45%
Fit at Club: 75%

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