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Transfer Truth: New Developments on Rooney to Chelsea

Posted on Jul 18th, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

The most sensational story hitting the news wires today is the re-emergence of Wayne Rooney's transfer to Chelsea. Reports now state that Mourinho has formalised his interest by putting in an offer and Mourinho himself has confirmed this.

Rooney: Transfer Truth: 45%
News has broken across multiple sites including the BBC categorically stating that Chelsea have now made formal bid for Rooney. This has duly been followed up by every major publication in the UK who have rehashed and reported the same story, but is it the same old story?

New Developments?
Having previously used his first press conference as club manager to state that Rooney was a key player and would definitely not be sold, we were happy that we may be able to stop reporting this shoddily constructed story, but then Moyes went and put his foot in it when asked about Rooney's position at the club, in an interview given nearly a week ago Moyes said:

Overall, my thought on Wayne is that if for any reason we had an injury to Robin van Persie we are going to need him - I want as many options as possible

Moyes is an astute manager, which makes this quote all the more perplexing. Being aware that Rooney was at least a little disgruntled by his treatment at the end of last season surely the last thing Moyes would want to do is say that Rooney is effectively a back up striker. We tend to think that this may have been a foul slip of the tongue rather than a serious suggestion that Rooney will be a bench player next season, but it is yet to be cleared up by Moyes.

Subsequent reports have since emerged stating that Rooney was made"angry and confused" by the statement, though of course all the sources reporting this simply said the comment had come from "those close to Rooney", apparently those close enough to hear his deepest thoughts, whilst still happy to betray him to reporters!

Of course Rooney would not have been overjoyed by the comments but they were most likely actually deduced by using levels of intelligence my dog could muster up even though she has spent the past 3 days chasing her tail and barking in pain upon catching and biting the thing.

The Chelsea Bid
The BBC have reported that the bid was formally made by Chelsea and quoted Mourinho confirming this. We were initially highly speculative about this, as it included a possible exchange deal which would see Mata or Luiz or someone else going the other way, but the BBC later removed this notion and replaced it with the much more believable "straight bid" scenario Mourinho described.

In addition to this, various sources are clinging on the the dear life of various quotes given by Mourinho down the years that Rooney is a good player. Mourinho's quote is only made noteworthy by the fact that he is a football manager and headlines with his name in them sell stories. In a more recent interview this week he was asked about Rooney and said of the situation when speaking to the BBC:

It's a problem for David (Moyes) to resolve...In a world cup season if Wayne is second choice for Man United the national team would be effected.

Just a couple of days later though, Mourinho was more forthcoming about Chelsea's interest in Rooney. When asked about whether or not Chelsea had made a bid earlier today, Mourinho said:

We want the player. Now it's up to Manchester United. The official bid is just about a certain amount of money and doesn't involve players. We made the bid and now we have nothing more to say.

Our Truth-o-meter
There is now solid evidence from Mourinho himself, that Chelsea have made a bid for Rooney and may be determined to get their man. This means we can increase the truth rating on this one from a fictional 10% all the way up to a whopping 45%. The only thing that is stopping us going further is United's equal determination to keep the player.

David Moyes' comments are vey concerning and any devious managers out there will be fully aware of how much they are likely to agitate an already disgruntled Rooney. Putting a bid in now is likely to unsettle Rooney further and if there is any chance at all of the player insisting on a transfer and turning this in to real transfer news, then David Moyes' comments have helped the stars start to align for that to happen, and Jose Mourinho has promptly taken advantage of this. Whilst Chelsea's action may start a bidding war, Chelsea now have to be considered as front runners so we're also increasing the chances of Rooney signing for Chelsea in specific up to 30%.

Likeliness of Signing: 30%
Fit at Club: 90%

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