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Transfer Truth: Latest Developments On Soldado to Tottenham

Posted on Jul 24th, 2013 by Amrit Nagi

The transfer of Roberto Soldado to Tottenham appears to be inching closer. With the London club now fully aware of what needs to be done to bring the Valencia man to White Hart Lane, surely it's just a matter of time before this one progresses or dies.

Soldado: Transfer Truth: 80%
The key parties involved in this transfer have been abundantly clear about the state of play. Valencia do not want to sell their main man, but if an offer of €30m comes in to trigger Soldado's release clause they seem consigned to losing him. In our recent "How Good Is Soldado" article we stated that he may well be worth that kind of money given his scoring stats and overall record.

Tottenham's Interest
Let's begin with Tottenham's interest. Andre Villas Boas has confirmed Tottenham's interest in the player when speaking from Hong Kong on Tuesday morning:

At the moment he’s just one of the players we’re interested in. We are looking for a striker to strengthen our squad, to give us more strength in depth.

Villas Boas then went on to confirm that he has been a long term admirer of the Spanish striker:

Soldado is a player we have been following. His career speaks for itself. I think he is a great striker but there isn’t any deal being struck at the moment, just interest and conversations.

With that in the bag we know for certain that the club want the player and that they are in conversation about him.

Valencia's Position
Valencia president Amadeo Salvo has recently admitted that Tottenham are close to bidding the amount required and that the player is interested in a potential move:

We’re only considering selling because his contract is running down and he wants to go.

Short but sweet, this backs up the widely reported story that Soldado may want a move and that Valencia are motivated to cash in on him.

Another statement from Salvo has confirmed the finer details of the deal:

There has been contact during which Valencia have communicated (to Tottenham) that we want the €30m. Tottenham's mission is to get the player at the best possible price and Valencia's is to get those €30m

Plain and simple really, if Tottenham bid €30m they will be automatically permitted to speak to a player who is likely to have a high level of desire to join them. Other sources have also confirmed that Tottenham's initial enquiries for the player put them very close to the release clause.

It's rare and wonderful to has such clarity on transfer window dealings. We can confirm Tottenham's interest and approach for the player as well as Valencia's release clause confined position and Soldado's desire to leave. All of this means we can upgrade this to a massive 80% truth rating and also bump up Tottenham's chances of signing the player up to 70%, provided they sump up the required amount of cash.

Likeliness of Signing: 70%
Fit at Club: 85%

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