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Transfer Truth: Latest Developments on Benteke to Tottenham

Posted on Jul 17th, 2013 by James Ellaby

There's been precious little movement so far in Christian Benteke's bid to force through a switch to Tottenham Hotspur and he's getting impatient.

Transfer Truth: 50%
Since handing a transfer request, Benteke has been sat at home in Belgium rather than touring Germany with the rest of his Aston Villa team-mates, but they're apparently due back this week, at which point he'll be expected to hook up with them.

As far as he is concerned, that's not an acceptable state of affairs, but with his arrival expected on Thursday, it doesn't seem likely that anything dramatic will happen in time to prevent that.

The Daily Mirror reckon that he'll be tempted to make himself even less popular with his current employers by going on strike. After all, that's what he did a year ago to push through his move to Villa, so they could hardly say they weren't warned.

But the fact remains that we've seen nothing from Spurs so far to indicate that they really want to buy him, their targets seem to be more established European talents, whereas Benteke would represent a gamble after just one good half season in the Premier League.

Causing Upset
Benteke actions are now showing the potential to cause upset with the rest of the Villa squad, one of his potential replacements in the squad, recent signing Nicklas Helenius has said the following to the Birmingham Mail:

It is down to the club and player how they want to handle the situation. It is not something that I take much joy from even though it improves my chances. We need the strongest possible squad for the upcoming season and I was looking forward to being in the same side as Christian Benteke. In that respect it is sad what is happening around Benteke as he was definitely one of the players that I was looking forward to observing and learning from.

It seems obvious that the disruption is starting to have an effect on the rest of Villa's squad and might just hasten the board to drop their valuation of him and cash in on a tidy profit.

Our Truth-O-Meter
We're sticking with our previous 50% rating for this story because there's still only speculation about Benteke's strike plans. If he does refuse to return to training, then the odds of him staying at Villa would obviously go down dramatically.

Whether Spurs are the club who would go in for him in that situation remains to be seen and probably depends on whether they manage to sign anyone higher up on their wishlist. All of which makes a strike seem like a risky move for Benteke, so it will be interesting to see what happens on Thursday.

Likeliness of Signing: 25%
Fit at Club: 80%

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