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Top 5: Most Wasteful Teams in The Premier League

Posted on Apr 26th, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

QPR are currently the most wasteful side in the Premier League, needing a painful 15.6 shots for every goal scored. Their tally is some considerable distance bigger than the next worst team on the list.

What these stats tell us is that there is definitely a correlation between the quality of chances created and the league position a team occupies. Whilst QPR's average shots per game total of 13.3 is high enough to tank in 10th place for that stat (only 3 places below Manchester United who have an average of 15 shots per game) the London side's goals total of 29 is the lowest in the league. At the other end of the table the team with the lowest number of shots needed per goal is the highest scoring side and are currently 16 points clear at the top of the Premier League. The message is clear, the number of goals a side scores is determined by what they do with their chances, rather than how many they create. Lots of chances does not mean lots of goals.

You can only conclude that your league position is not driven by how many chances you can create, in fact that has almost nothing to do with it. The real deciding factor is how clinical you are in putting them away when they come.

To further back up that point, Barcelona have had just 446 shots in the Premier Liga this season, QPR and Newcastle have both had more, but the fact that the Spanish side has tucked in 99 league goals tells you everything you need to know. It's not about popping shots off whenever you get the chance, it's about taking the right shots.

Quality not Quantity
Looking down the table of most wasteful teams reveals further evidence to back up the claim that quality is king, whilst quantity means very little.

4 of the teams that appear on the list of most wasteful sides are currently in the bottom 6 of the Premier League table.

Reading are the only exception to the rule, having created the fewest number of chances in the league with 326, they have managed 37 goals, which gives them an average of 8.8, which would in fact be good enough to rank them amongst the top 5 deadliest teams, in their case the quality has been there, but a severe lack of quantity has had a serious effect on their league position.

Newcastle Surprise
The biggest surprise on the list is Newcastle. Given that they have the likes of Cabaye, Ben Arfa and Cisse they should be doing much better but the fact that 2 of those players have suffered lengthy layoffs due to injury has sabotaged Newcastles season and goes a long way to explain why so many midfielders were brought in recently by Pardew.

Newcastle have no issue creating chances, their total of 493 is only a handful less than the total number of shots Manchester United have had this season, but their tally of goals suggests that loss of form to Cisse and injury to key men in midfield has meant many of those shots have come from difficult positions or long distance.

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