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Top 12 - Most Valuable Premier League Attackers

Posted on Mar 1st, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

The value of a Premier League attacker is measured in more than just goals and assists, so we take a look the best players in the league when it comes to the number of minutes per team goal contributed and the value each player has to their team with some surprises in the making.

King Van Persie
There are few attacking tables that RVP doesn't sit on top of at the moment, but the key take aways from this analysis are that the Dutchman has appeared in every United game this season, and the fact that he is still contributing more than a goal per game is pretty stunning. So is the fact that he has had a hand in 47% of Manchester United's goals.

Goal Per Game for Walcott, Dzeko, Tevez and Mata
There are just 4 other players in the league who can claim to have contributed more a goal per 90 minutes of game time.

Walcott has had the least playing time but a spectacular 11 goals and 11 assists shows quite how much his all round game has improved and marks him as the second best player in the league in terms of minutes per goal contributed. It does make you wonder if this flourish has at least in part been allowed to take place thanks to the departure of Van Persie, similar to the way Rooney came to prominence when Ronaldo left.

It's no surprise to see Juan Mata make the list, he has had an exceptional season and continues to be Chelsea's best player with no signs that his adventures with the Spain team and the huge volume of fixtures he's taken part in are causing any sort of burn out....yet.

Dzeko and Tevez are both more surprising inclussions especially as both are considered to have dips in form at some stage. Their striking partner Aguero is off the mark with 145 minutes, not nearly good enough to make this illustrious list.

Suarez and Gerrard
Suarez would be much further up the list but for his lack of assists, otherwise he has been one of the shining stars in the league and considering he has so few assists to help his numbers his 93 minutes per goal is excellent.

Gerrard only just made the cut ahead of Cazorla but he is one of the few remaining players to have played in every Premier League game this season and has seen his career revived in goals an assists, to levels not seen for him since his hay day back in 2008/09.

Michu and Lambert - The Diamond Finds
The two highest value players have to be Ricky Lambert, who has provided 50% of Southampton's goals with limited game time, having not previously played in the Premier League.

Michu who is without doubt the bargain buy of the season is also a very worthy inclusion on this list. His goals record this season is beyond even what Laudrup could have dreamed of when viewing the 1 goal in every 7 games ratio the Spaniard had at Celta Vigo before he joined Swansea.

No Messi Around Here!
The burning question is, how do the Premier League's finest compare to the Messiah? The answer is...terribly! The world's best player (arguably), one of the finest to have ever played the beautiful game, will leave our stars in tears.

Messi has contributed a mind boggling 66 goals to Barcelona's cause in the league this season, having played 2,284 minutes. That is an astonishing goal made every 35 minutes of game time or almost 3 per game! If there is a little cautionary tale about him though, it is that he has had a hand in 80% of Barcelona's goals so it may be a case of silence him and you silence the best team in the world!

If you run the comparison with someone more likely to actually be from our species, Ronaldo's figures actually show quite how far Messi is in his own league. Ronaldo clocks in with a goal contributed for every 72 minutes played on par with Van Persie and Walcott!

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