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Top 10: Most Valuable Premier League Attackers

Posted on May 1st, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

Suarez and Van Perise have shown us this season that to be a top striker you need more than just goals in your locker as each man has produced a top notch volume of assists too, making them priceless to their teams.

In our analysis we looked at the total number of goals and assists produced by the top players in the league along with how many minutes of game time was required for each goal they contributed to their team's cause to come up with our list of most valuable attackers in the Premier League

The Impact Player
The top of the list is dominated by impact players, or those who haven't been playing regularly in the Premier League for very long. Whilst the records of Hernandez, Coutinho and Sturridge are massively impressive and the roles they have played have been highly valuable to their teams, neither player has accumulated enough minutes to make up 10 full matches yet, they would need to maintain these records for much longer periods of time to make our true top 10 list.

Van Persie King of the Hill
Van Perise is our bona fida number one, the Dutchman has contributed an astonishing 38 goals to Manchester United's title charge. He has managed to maintain his outstanding record of a goal for every 75 minutes of game time for a sustained period of time, he has appeared in every Premier League game this season. Anyone who disputes the fact that he has played the single, biggest role in landing the title for Sir Alex needs to think again.

Walcott Working
In the same way Ronaldo's departure lead to Wayne Rooney coming of age, RVP leaving The Emirates appears to have had the same effect on the Arsenal man. His all round game has improved dramatically this season and his contribution of 25 goals to Arsenal's cause means he needs just 5 and a half more minutes of game time than Van Perise for every goal he makes. Walcott is a worthy number 2 on our list and these numbers show that he perhaps doesn't get quite as much recognition as he deserves.

Lukaku Surprise
The biggest surprise on this list is the appearance of the pacey and powerful Lukaku. Given that he plays in a relatively low scoring side and is the only player on the list from outside of a top 5 club his return of 14 goals and 7 assists is outstanding. His record is made even more impressive when you consider the fact that he is just 19 years old. If Chelsea are once again looking to solve their striker problems they need look no further, the solution is currently on loan at West Brom and has a goal contribution which is better than a goal per game.

The Chelsea Boys
Mata and Hazard deservedly make the list. With Mata currently the league's assist leader he has also chipped in with a very hand 10 goals. Great going for a wing man and especially so considering the fact that he hasn't had any time off from football for so many years. With a proper break this summer he could come back even better next year. Hazard too deserves a mention, showing absolutely no signs of the first season syndrome that can often blight real talent when it arrives in England.

It would have bee a shock if Tottenham's main man didn't make the list and even though his goal contribution of a goal per game is world class there were a fair few ahead of him in our table. None the less, the style and drive with which he moves forward makes him a must for our list. One of those players than can win a game all by himself is completely priceless.

Rooney's Not So Terrible Season
It has often been stated how this has been one of Rooney's worst seasons on a United shirt. Well our stats suggest otherwise, his goal contribution ratio is actually better then Bale's. Despite the fact that he has often been deployed in experimental positions he has maintained a fantastic return.

City's Surprise
Two Manchester City players made this list, and neither of them was Aguero. Injury has blighted his season as well as a drop in form vs his first amazing season in a Blue shirt. As a result both his strike partners have managed brilliant returns, both of them needing at least 30 minutes less for each goal they have made for the team. Based on these stats Mancini would be better off sticking with Tevez and Dzeko rather than steam rollering those two out for his big name star now that he has returned from injury.

Our Top 10
Our top 10 is based mostly on the minutes per goal contributed, but we have also thrown in a dash of style, and a hint of the importance of the goals and assists they have made to compile our final list.

1. Van Persie
2. Walcott
3. Suarez
4. Mata
5. Lukaku
6. Bale
7. Tevez
8. Rooney
9. Dzeko
10. Podolski

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