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Suarez Enters The Liverpool History Books

Posted on Mar 7th, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

Luis Suarez's hat-trick against Wigan last week made him just the 3rd player in Liverpool's Premier League history to surpass the 20 league goals mark in one season, putting him in the dizzying company of recent Liverpool legends Torres (24 in 2007/08) and Robbie Fowler (25 in 1994/95 and 1995/96).

We take a closer look at how he compares against some of the proper legends of Liverpool at this relatively early stage in his career.

The Story So Far
Suarez has played just 90 career games for Liverpool so far, notching an impressive return of 49 goals, or a goal every 1.84 games on average. To put this in to perspective, these are the games to goals ratios of te greatest strikers to have graced the Premier League.

(1) Henry - 1.5 Games/Goal
(2) Van Nistelrooy - 1.6 Games/Goal
(3) Shearer - 1.7 Games/Goal
(4) Wright - 1.9 Games/Goal
(5) Van Persie - 1.9 Games/Goal

The fact that Suarez can already be considered amongst these in sheer goal terms is quite something and even though all of these players except for Van Nistelrooy played significantly more games than Suarez has so far, if the Uruguay international can sustain this incredible record he will cement his place not just amongst Anfield's hall of fame, but English football as a whole.

Though it should be noted that last season Suarez's games to goals ratio was 2.2, not far off the pace but it is clear that his current average is skewed by the stunning season he's having so far.

The Liverpool Legends List
Suarez might only have a relatively tiny number of games under his belt but his goals so far are already enough to put him in 51st place in Liverpool's all time top scorer list, and if he gets another 30 goals he will enter the top 20.

If he wants to walk amongst the real giants in the top 10 of that list he'll need 130+ goals, or at his current scoring rate, another 4 seasons at least. Whether or not he can get there will all depend on whether or not Liverpool can make the cut for Champions League football between now and then because you can bet your bottom dollar that if he scores 20+ a season for another year or two the big boys will come knocking with a huge offer and Liverpool won't be able to hang in to this sort of asset without the lure of Champions League football.

In order to be fair to Suarez we have to compare his games to goals ratio to that of the all time greats at Anfield, and whilst it's a little short sighted to compare him to people who have done it for 300 games or more it might give us an indication of where he could be headed....potentially.

Here too, he's walking amongst the giants, so if he can continue his level of performance and stick with Liverpool for long enough, it seems he is destined for a genuine place amongst the true legends of this historic club.

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