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Rumour Of The Day: Higuain To Chelsea

Posted on Jul 19th, 2013 by James Ellaby

You may recall Jose Mourinho insisting this week that his only transfer target this summer is Wayne Rooney. Well, that seems to be news to Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain, who reckons his former boss wants to take him to Stamford Bridge, which isn't news that will be welcomed over at Arsenal.

According to Spanish paper AS, Mourinho is being typically slippery in his very public pursuit of Rooney, using it as a smokescreen for his real target. Given how difficult it will be to get Man United to sell a prize asset to him, it's a theory that does make some sense.

The Argentine striker is quoted in AS as saying:

Mourinho wants me there.

It's not the most elaborate of quotes, sure, but it gets the point fairly quickly. However, his agent seems to be working to a different agenda, telling Radio ORC that he could well end up staying at Madrid:

Carlo Ancelotti will do everything possible to convince Higuain to stay put. Could he join Napoli? I think that's out of the question too. I don't think that they will be able to sign him

Of course, apart from dissing Napoli, that doesn't exactly say that Higuain wants to stay at Madrid, only that he's such a good player, they won't want him to leave.

All of this is bad news for Arsenal, of course, who have been linked with him for most of the summer now, to no real avail. Not only would Chelsea have the Mourinho connection, but they could almost certainly outbid the Gunners.

The price-tag being bandied about in today's papers is £37m, which seems a lot for them, although they are reportedly set to offer more than that for Luis Suarez. How much higher they could or would go remains to be seen.

So, with the Rooney saga seemingly at a stalemate at the moment, will Mourinho sneak in under the radar to whisk Higuain from under Arsene Wenger's nose? You wouldn't put it past him...

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