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Premier League Clean Sheets Table

Posted on Feb 1st, 2012 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

Most of the fixtures this week are between closely matched sides which makes the games hard to predict and the likeness of low scoring.

Keeping clean sheets has been tricky for all the sides in the league this season, and in 57% of all the games played so far both sides have managed to find the net at least once.

The teams keeping the most clean sheets are as follows:

Man United - 12
Man City - 9
Swansea - 9
Liverpool - 9
Newcastle - 8
Spurs - 8
Arsenal - 7
Fulham - 7

With United's chances of a clean sheet diminished by their top 4 opposition, and Swansea unlikely to repeat their home heroics on the road (though West Brom's distinct lack of goals at home may give Swansea better chance of an away clean sheet than they have had all season), and Liverpool and Spurs going head to head the most likely chance of a clean sheet may actually fall upon Newcastle or one of the teams less frequently keeping clean sheets this season.

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