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Manchester City vs Manchester United - Predictions from 8,000 Players

Posted on Sep 22nd, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

In a Premier League Predictions rarity, the jury is completely out amongst our 8,000 players on who will be victorious in the Manchester derby.

Manchester City Analysis
After a blistering start to the season, in which City completely dominated Newcastle and looked every bit title favourites they were touted to be, a sense of disappointment has started to surround Pellegrini's men, but is this justified?

In their next league game City came up against a decent Cardiff side, seriously inflated by hosting their first top flight home game in over 50 years. The adrenaline, and a couple of pretty poor defensive errors lead to a famous victory for the Welsh side.

A fairly mediocre win against Hull in City's next game was followed by another disappointment against Stoke. In last week's game Stoke were perhaps the better side, and on another day Mark Hughes may have taken all 3 points from his old side.

The two sets of dropped results aren't massively alarming, because they were both against sides who were highly motivated and playing good football, not to mention how much the absence of Kompany hurt the City defence.

The more concerning thing was that the fluidity which made City unplayable in their first game appears to have vanished and is now being easily countered by weaker opposition applying pressure to potential ball recipients in the City side leaving the front men unable to find the right combination to create quality chances.

United won't play the way Cardiff or Stoke did, they will come out and try to attack City, which will actually suit the boys in Blue and may get a better performance out of them than we would otherwise be expecting.

It's also worth noting that despite the criticism being fired towards City they are the league's highest scorers with 8 goals, and all 3 of the goals they have conceded so far came in a single game in which they were missing one key man at the back. So they will be much more dangerous than some are giving them credit for right now.

Manchester United Analysis
United's season so far tells a very similar story to City, a sense of disappointment is not justified by the actual results of their games but the way in which the games have played out.

After a stunning start at the Liberty Stadium, a draw against Chelsea (which was tactically sound) was followed by a loss against Liverpool and last week's win against Palace.

Once again this isn't a shocking run of results, but the Palace game in particular, left a lot to be desired. Playing against far weaker opposition, who were down to 10 men before half time, a big score line should have been on the cards but United wren't at the races. It was difficult to pin down exactly what, but it was clear something wasn't quite right about the way they failed to break Palace down and penetrate them with enough regularity.

You can't help but feel that United haven't hit full stride yet and something fundamental needs to be tweaked the get the in to the flow. Having said that Moyes showed against Chelsea that he has the tactical noose to play the big boys and deny them their strengths so we will expect a more coherent and effective strategy against City.

Our Prediction
Both teams have had similar starts to the season, excellent opening day results have been coupled performances that have fallen below expectations and exposed potential tactical issues that have left them looking a little out of sorts.

With so much at stake we don't think either manager will want to throw caution to the wind and go with all out attack so it could be a cagey sort of affair between two evenly matched teams who are yet to hit full stride.

We think there might be enough mistakes at the back to afford us a couple of goals but neither side will be overly adventurous and the game will end in a draw.

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