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Liverpool's Record vs. Top Half and Bottom Half - Shocking Truth

Posted on Jan 25th, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

There is no doubt the Brendan Rodgers' men are on fire right now and the arrival of Sturridge has brought renewed hope of better things and even Champions League football to Anfield but a look at their record vs. Top and Bottom half teams revelas a shocking truth.

Beating the Bottom
Liverpool's record against the bottom half teams this season has been exceptional, only Manchester United and City have bagged more points against the bottom half of the table than Liverpool and only United have managed to score more goals than Liverpool's 31 in 12 games whilst only one side has conceded less than Liverpool's 9.

This should be brilliant news at Anfield, the kind of teams that have caused them endless embarrassment in the past few seasons are being put to the sword.

In 2011/12 Liverpool were 17th in the "record vs. bottom half" table and in 2010/11 they came 11th in that table so it's a marked improvement that they have already won as many points against those kinds of teams this season as they did in the whole of the last two seasons.

Struggling Against The Top
Their record against top half teams has been abysmal, currently no team in the Premier League has won less points against Bottom half teams than Liverpool have and their goal difference of -10 against those sides is shambolic.

What's even more disappointing is that Liverpool's record against the top teams has been their saviour in the past few seasons and helped paper over the cracks of many a poor result against the sorts of teams they should have beaten at the bottom of the table. Over the past 3 seasons Liverpool have finished 7th, 3rd and 5th in the "record vs. top half" tables so this dramatic fall almost completely undoes the fantastic gains they have made against the smaller teams.

Peddling Water
This action of gaining in one area only to concede in another has prevented what might otherwise have been a meteoric rise under Rodgers and it seems to be borne out of the fact that whilst the quality of their football has allowed them to put away lower quality teams, their mentality might still be a little too much of the under dog or themselves being a smaller team when in the presence of the current giants of the league.

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