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Chelsea's Player of the Weekend

Posted on Aug 21st, 2013 by Matt Jackson

Even though Chelsea might not have gotten off to the kind of smashing start some were expecting there was plenty to admire about Mourinho's side and there were a number of players who produced league leading stats.

Frank Lamard
The legend that is Lampard refuses to get old. He started this season off in the same way you might have expected had he been 10 years younger. His performance was full of energy, but with the added class and discipline that experience has brought him.

Only Van Persie and Dzeko managed more shots than Lampard's 6 last weekend and with a goal already to his name the Chelsea man added plenty more to the side than just an attacking threat, his missed penalty turning out to be a minor blip in an otherwise accomplished performance.

He also produced 2 key passes in the game along with 3 accurate crosses (only 4 players managed more this week) to give him a total passing accuracy of 86% from his 71 passes, putting him in the top 20 for both number of passes and pass accuracy at the weekend.

The most accurate passers in the league exceeded 90% last weekend and Lampard was right up there with them in terms of volume and accuracy.

Eden Hazard came in a close second place with Oscar also putting in an excellent all round performance but Lampard's leadership and all round contribution for 90 minutes, especially when some around him were looking tired, means he gets the nod from us for last weekend's performance against Hull.

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