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Chelsea vs. Cardiff - Predictions from 9,000 Players

Posted on Oct 19th, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

Chelsea are in many accumulator coupons this weekend as a home banker, but our pundits are predicting one of the big teams playing at home this week will slip up. Will it be Chelsea though?

The Mourinho Way
Chelsea were one of the title favourites when the season started and even though they lie in 3rd place, 2 points off the lead there is general sense that something isn't quite right.

Chelsea's 3 tough fixtures against United, Everton and Spurs have all ended without victory which goes a little way to explain the concern. There is also the Mata saga. The second 45 minutes against Tottenham a couple of games ago was Chelsea's best all season and it was influence by the introduction of Mata. With the Spaniard now back in the fray after an inexplicable absence Mourinho's side have looked a more potent attacking proposition and if Blues gaffer continues with the 3 amigos then Chelsea will be able to break Cradiff down and get the goals they need to bag an expected 3 points.

Chelsea's negative tactics have received a lot of criticism and whilst some of this might be unfair it's understandable that their supporters expect more of an attacking thrust from a team so abundant with creative talents.

One thing there is no doubt about is that Mourinho's astonishing record at home looks set to continue. In 3 league games at Stamford Bridge The Blues have conceded just once and scored 6.

The Cardiff Threat
Cradiff have had a decent start to the season and their 3-2 victory over Manchester City showed they have the ability to use these big occasions to get the extra 10% out of their players that could make all the difference. There is little doubt that Cardiff will be the better motivated of the two sides and they have the talent to punish any complacency.

Cardiff also gave Tottenham a very tough game in their 1-0 defeat to AVB's team a few weeks ago so not only do they have the ability to score goals but they are also very well organised so don't expect a dominant Chelsea win. Cardiff will give Mourinho's men plenty of work to do and if they don't rise to the challenge and give Cardiff the respect they deserve there could be a sting in the tail.

Our Prediction
There has been criticism of Mourinho's selection policy, and Chelsea's style of play this season but with the 3 amigos likely to be reinstated in Chelsea's attack this might be about to change.

Cardiff will be a tough proposition and their results against the big boys this season have shown that what they might lack in quality against the likes of Chelsea, they can more than make up for with determination and organisation so this will be anything but a walk in the park for Chelsea, they will have to earn this victory.

One thing that can't be contested is Mourinho's home record. It has been astonishing for many years and only one side have scored past Chelsea at home in the league this season so our prediction is a a hard earned home win.

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