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8 Ways Moyes Can Win The Title for United

Posted on Feb 14th, 2014 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

8 Messages to Moyes that will help him make United great again!

1. Stop Playing 4-4-1-1
That formation just doesn't work for United, the attacking abilities of the wingers are hamstrung with too much defensive responsibility and the attacking shape is compromised for very little gain in defence. Mr. Moye's, it's time to man up, ditch the 4-4-1-1 dead donkey and go 4-2-3-1. When you have Van Persie, Mata, Rooney and Januzaj at your disposal only one attacking line up makes sense. Be brave and play 4-2-3-1 now.

2. Play Wayne Rooney as a Number 10
Wayne Rooney is one of the best number 10's in the world. During the early part of the season he got 8 goals and 5 assists in a 10 game run. So why is he regularly being asked to play in central midfield or even a holding role late on in games? If you don't trust your holding midfielders then change them, if you don't trust the formation you should change that but don't sabotage one of your best assets by changing him in to something he's not.

3. Play Mata and Januzaj as Wingers
Mata proved a himself deadly weapon for Chelsea when playing wide in a 3 man attack so don't ask him to defend by playing deeper as a wide midfielder, his inability to do this is exactly why Mourinho sold him! You purchased a £37m attacking midfielder, play him as one and tell him his role so he and Rooney don't end up getting in each other's way. Januzaj is one of the most exciting prospects in the league, play him on the other flank and give him license to do what he does best, attack.

4. Trust Your Holding Midfielders
If you have 2 holding midfield men their job is to pull out wide when required and cover the flanks so the likes of Mata and Januzaj can do their devastating work where it counts, without worrying about what's going on behind them. If you don't trust your holding midfielders to do that then find men who can, don't try and patch it up by sabotaging good attacking players!

5. Stop The Crosses
United had a record breaking 82 crosses against Fulham, with just 18 finding the target. Rooney and Van Persie have played 613 Premier League games between them and scored just 23 headers, that's one every 27 matches, between them! Their best work is not up in the air so stop telling your men to constantly cross the ball. Tim Cahill doesn't play for Manchester United so get the ball and play it rather than launching aimless ball after ball to men who would rather kick it than head it. (image from Fourfourtwo stats zone).

6. Stop Turning United in to Everton
The massive number of crosses, the wimpy 4-4-1-1 formation and playing on the counter all wreak of a team that expects to be the under powered under dog. That might have suited Everton but it doesn't suit United. Be brave, attack teams and play like you expect to win.

7. Don't Forget Fellaini
Most United supporters might have given up on old microphone head, but to be fair to him he's only completed 90 minutes 6 times for United in the Premier League. He may still be well suited to slotting in next to Carraick as the 2nd holding man in a proper formation that utilises those roles.

8. Recall the Backroom Staff
Moyes replaced the entire back room staff at United when he arrived, replacing them with less experienced men who were used the the Everton mentality of being an underdog. This has been heavily criticised and it might now be time for Moyes to bring some real winning mentality and quality to the back room staff.

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