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4 Fixtures To Save QPR's Season Start This Week

Posted on Feb 28th, 2013 by Araz Heydariyehzadeh

After 15 years in the wilderness Rangers returned to Premier League football with high hopes and big pockets to establish themselves in the top flight. They now find themselves 7 points from safety and big long shots to beat the drop but the next 4 games will determine their season one way or another.

The 4 Cup Finals
Rangers' next 4 matches will decide everything and realistically they need no less than 9 points from those games to have any chance of beating the drop:

(A) v Southampton
(H) v Sunderland
(A) v Villa
(H) v Wigan

It might not seem a herculean task to take 3 wins from struggling teams but the fact is that Rangers have won 2 games all season and to ask them to win 3 from the next 4 is a far more monumental task than it might seem.

Harry Redknapp has been saying for the past couple of months that all it takes is a couple of wins and everything will change, not only on the table but far more importantly in the spirits of the men he commands and there is no doubt that this stretch of football would have been targeted as the time when the battle will be won or relegation confirmed.

In addition to these games QPR play Stoke at home and Reading away, all in April. If they have failed to take at least 9 points from the big 4 coming up, by the time they meet Reading it may all be over bar the shouting. The situation may very well be that even a win against Reading will mean nothing if they haven't built the foundation for an escape prior to the Reading game.

The positive motivation though is that if they can beat Southampton they may well drag the Saints back in to the relegation race and 6 point games against Villa and Wigan will do double the amount of damage a regular win could ,but only if Rangers win. Draws are no longer any good to their cause as they need to gain ground rather than tread water so a draw against any of these sides may as well be a defeat. If they find themselves level with 10 minutes to go in any of these games we should certainly see Chris Samba the Center Forward leading the attack.

If they do find the courage and quality to grind out 3 points from these teams the gap at the bottom could be cut down completely and make relegation a 6 team race which would work hugely in Harry Redknapp's favour, QPR could even find themselves put of the relegation zone at the final whistle against Wigan.

Is There Any Real Hope?
Harry Redknapp has been here before, and survived. When he saved Portsmouth from relegation they were 8 points from safety with 11 games to go, one point worse off than his current charges. Rangers aren't asking for the unprecedented miracle, they only need the inconceivably unlikely, a requirement that will have suporters clinging to the last embers of hope until mathematics extinguishes even that opportunity.

If there is any hope for the Blue and White army of over paid swan songers they must show their worth now and earn those hefty salaries, the same salaries that could do untold damage to their to the club's future should they have to be subsidised in the Championship.

Too often this season the players of the London club have been accused of not showing enough spirit or desire for the game. Whilst it is hard to see how such entrenched attitudes can be expected to change with such drastic vigour, there is still belief that there are enough players, with enough quality to save themselves, but only if those players can suddenly start to play as team and leave everything on the pitch.

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